Monday, 8 October 2012

Unexpected spends and craft heaven

We have had some unexpected spends this week, dental charges (toothache), giving help to our family and a chance of a brilliant course on patchwork! It is Stoptober so I guess offically I have failed but I really do feel that this is why we scrimp and save, to cover those one offs, whether they be medical, family or even unexpected (will pay back dividends in savings later) courses! After the dentist I also popped into our local Barnardos charity shop and picked up a much needed 1 pint pudding bowl for 49p (I have been desperately needing one since I broke my other one)and a lovely lap tray for £1.99 so a spend of £2.48 but well worth it!

This weekend I was introduced to a wonderful place called make do and mend, a place to go and knit and chat, sew and chat, draw and chat, attend wonderful, amazing workshops on crochet, patchwork, jewellery making, knitting, making facinators for weddings, making shoes, rag dolls and cushion covers!

I had gone along to the knit and chat session, knitted, chatted and then found out that there was a discounted place available on that afternoons patchwork for beginners course! I couldn't really turn that down as I had promised someone dear to me that I would learn how and then make a memory quilt for her after the sudden death of her Mum! It was fun to do and I now have the confidence to get going on such a special project!

Very basic but a beginning at least! :-)

In the meantime we are still eating from the freezer, indeed one freezer is going, so silly having more than one and expensive on the electric! I would rather have some storage space and the freezer might be of help to someone else! This weeks menu will be planned on whatever I find in this surplus freezer! Wish me luck! I am going in........................

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