Saturday, 13 October 2012

It's Official: "Expired Food" Will be Sold in Greek Supermarkets

It's Official: "Expired Food" Will be Sold in Greek Supermarkets

Oh dear!  Even the Greeks are unsure as to the difference between Best before dates and Use by dates!  Best before means just that, in it's best condition but not poisionous after!  Use by dates are the all important ones, although there is nothing wrong with using your sense of smell and sight (if you have them) just as our Mums and Grandmothers had to do.

We use a firm called Approved Foods here in the Uk, there are a few others including market stalls that sell food near or after its Best before date, all perfectly edible.  I stock up on pulses, dried pasta, tinned tomatoes, beans, jams etc and it saves a fortune on food costs.  You have to watch with runny honey as it does sugar up but this can be resolved by popping the container into a bowl of hot water, or the microwave.

Yes what is happening in Greece is sad and worrying, we found such lovely friendly hard working people in Greece, but it makes sense to sell this sort of food just as our supermarkets have now consented to selling imperfectly shaped fruits and vegetables. Wasting such food is criminal in my opinion!  Common sense at last!  Yay!

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