Thursday, 4 October 2012

Stoptober Challenge!

I've joined in with Frugal Queens Stoptober challenge to stop spending money this month! Well other that the necessary spends!

First disappointment was having to turn down the chance of tickets to see Andy Fairweather Low! (sob) but at £35 each we have saved £70 into our pay down the mortgage account! Yay! Might have to get "Wide eyed and legless" on home brew to get over it though!

Living out of the store cupboards and freezer so far and not starving. Not gone shopping yet either but will need milk, cheese, butter and fresh veg and fruit this weekend! I am making soups daily and freezing the leftovers for another day! I have some more dentistry to get through soon so the soup will be welcomed!

I have plenty of knitting projects and the wool to do them, so still going to chat and knit club, only twice a month and £3 covers tea, biscuits and overheads. I can also ask for some much needed help with my knitting!

Anyone else doing this challenge?

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