Friday, 5 October 2012

Free Lunch! Well almost!

After walking the dog this morning I was so cold and needed something warming for lunch. Had to stick to the rules of the Stoptober challenge and use what I had in though!

Out came a bag of sprouting potatoes, I took the biggest one and cut out all the bad bits, then a half onion left from last nights meal, a small handful of frozen carrots and some frozen peas, boiling water over the top with a chicken oxo from the bargainous bundle I got from App foods, a generous grinding of black pepper and on it went to simmer. I was going to blend it all but the potatoes cooked into a lovely smashy type of mix and the soup was just fab the way it was. Managed to save the best of the potato peels and popped them into the remoska with some olive oil and a sprinkling of some of the course welsh smoked salt I found in my last lucky box (everything for £1) from app foods. Free chips! :-)

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