Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Recovering from lofty perils!

Well I seem to be back in "recovery" this week, this time recovering from clearing out the loft! 10 days of hard work and each day we managed to get 2-3 bags of "stuff" to our local Age Concern charity shop, recycling as much as we could! My husband is certain that the house has now raised itself up by a couple of inches! :)

Letting go was always a problem for me, letting go of the memories, of links to the past and the people we have lost. I really used to tie myself up in knots over this! Now after some thought and prayer I choose something small for the memories and hand the rest over to be of use to others. I seem to be a changed person! yikes!

We found some great treasures as well! My wedding veil, the box was crushed but the veil has been washed very carefully and is as good as new and my daughter is going to see if it will do for her wedding next year.

We are also sticking to the new rule - for everything coming into the house something must go. I found a lovely "like new" fluffy dressing gown, much nicer and longer than the one I had. That one was a charity shop buy as well, soft and fluffy but very pink and too short to be really warm, in fact I used to resemble a large pink marshmallow when I wore it! Now it is washed and packed and ready for the charity shop and the new longer burgundy one is washed and in regular use, and very cosy it is.

I found a super little rectangle shaped pyrex - perfect for small lasagnes, so a little blue patterned sweetie dish has left the building!

Lets hope I can keep this up because I never want to have to go back to sorting out that mess again!


ramtops said...

We moved house last November, having been there for 11 year. "Is there much in the loft?" I asked. Oh no, he quoth. You've never seen so much rubbish, there and everywhere else. I was absolutely ruthless, and got rid of everything possible, and have now, ilke you, instigated a one in, one out rule. I'm never, ever, going to be drowned in rubbish again :)

Anonymous said...

I really like that rule, I just have too many things!

Sharon J said...

How lovely that you found your wedding veil. I kept my wedding dress but unfortunately Mum threw it out when she was having a big sort out. I suppose I had left it at her house for a bit too long, to be honest. Still, karma comes back.... my loft is stuffed with LM's things. Lol

Jennifer said...

I bet your mind is weighing lighter on you now as well as your loft! What a good job done and it feels good to give to those that need it more than you do. Well done!

Catz said...

what a coincidence. I have a blog on blogger by same name. lol.looks great.

Catz said...

PS. I've been blogging since about 2006.

Kadeeae said...

Hi Catz =)

Just me, popping by as I do. Hope you're well and enjoying the return of some decent weather!

All the best~

Anonymous said...

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